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PAW - Best Shopify Pet Themes Store | OS 2.0

PAW - Best Shopify Pet Themes Store | OS 2.0

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Speedo's best shopify pet store theme is a beautifully designed dog e-commerce store to launch an online pet store, there's no better place to start than with a pet Shopify Theme with a wide selection of pets website templates to choose from. You can find the perfect animals and pets theme that suits your store's personality and style whether you're selling pet food, pet supplies, or a range of other pet-related products, the best Shopify pet store theme is designed to highlight your products in the most engaging way for pet shop, pet care, pet food store, pet stores, pet sitting, pet resort, pet hotel, pet animals, pet adoption, pet doctor, vet clinic, pet clinic, vet medical shop, pet online medical shop,

Animals and Pets Themes Features:

Shopify Theme is perfect for anyone who sells pet food online. With features like a built-in product quick view, customers can easily browse your pet food selection and add products to their cart without ever leaving the page. Similarly, a pet supplies Shopify theme is designed to showcase your pet supplies in the best possible way, with options for product customization and easy checkout. Pet Food Shopify theme advanced handy tool with drag and drop mode to customize your pages. This pet shopify theme comes with the latest and powerful technologies such as colour swatches, ajax filter, cross sell products, social proof pop up, smart mega menu, countdown timer, product reviews, size guide pop-up, Mini- cart with drawer, etc. Last but not least, the SEO optimization with: rich snippets, clean and well structured code base, mobile friendly makes your site friendly with search engines.

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What Included ?

  • Free theme installation and configure ($100+ value)
  • Premium Theme ($260+ Value)
  • Multiple Currency Supported
  • Multiple Language Supported
  • 10X ROAS
  • Dropshipping
  • 24/7 Free Support


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  • Inventory quantity bar

    ($90 - $100 / yr)
  • Social proof Pop up

    ($60 - $70 / yr)
  • Ajax Filter

    ($60 - $70 / yr)
  • Smart Newsletter Popup

    ($80 - $100 / yr)
  • Quick view Smart

    ($80 - $100 / yr)
  • Search suggestions

    ($60 - $70 / yr)
  • Free Shipping optimized

    ($50 - $60 / yr)
  • Smart Mega Menu

    ($80 - $100 / yr)
  • Mini - Cart with Drawer

    ($80 - $100 / yr)
  • Add to Wishlist

    ($80 - $100 / yr)
  • Product Reviews

    ($80 - $100 / yr)
  • Multiple Languages

    ($80 - $100 / yr)
  • Multiple Currency

    ($80 - $100 / yr)
  • Size Guide Pop up

    ($80 - $100 / yr)

Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized

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